Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Genesis 1-7 - Days 1 and 2 Reading

The first 7 chapters of Genesis...let's recap.  God created everything in 6 days.  Devil tempts Eve.  She and Adam eat the fruit and are banished from the garden.  Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel.  Cain kills Abel. 

Chapters 4 and my students would say...THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE TO REMEMBER.  And holy cow...everyone is so old!  It brings a whole new meaning to having children later in life.  I had my first child at the age of 24...I couldn't even imagine having a child after the age of 100. 

Okay...I digress...back to the recap.  God gets angry with the humans...except Noah and his family.  Noah builds the Ark.  He puts lots of animals on it.  God floods the earth. Noah and his family and the Ark animals survive.

Comments and Questions
Something I noticed with Adam...God gives him the task of naming the animals; however, he had already named birds "birds".  Adam I guess named all the individual types of birds, but God had already come up with the word bird.

Question I had...what are days in the Bible?  Is it the same amount of time as today?  I have no doubt God created everything in 6 days, I just want to know how long those days are.  Especially considering people lived to be 900 years old! 

Allusion I figured a book I'm teaching for school this year, one of the girls' names is Adah...didn't know it was a biblical name until tonight. 

Finally, I always heard the story two by two for the animals.  I didn't realize more "holy animals" fact 7 of each.  What are holy animals anyway?  Animals for sacrifice...sheep, goats, etc.?

Looking forward to tomorrow's information.

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