Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fell off the Wagon...

Okay...confession time!

I last posted on September 1st...that is the last time I read!  I hate to admit it, but there is no way around it.  I know, I said it was going to be a daily lasted on two weeks before I fell.

But, I'm back on now!  I'm going to have to double up on my reading, but I am going to catch up. 

I'm down to the last few chapters of Genesis and the last chapters about Joseph.  It amazes me how he feels about his brothers after all they do to him. This goes right along with something that has been on my brain quite a bit for the last few weeks.  Forgiveness.  For the bulk of my adult life I have been struggling with the idea of forgiveness.  One person in my life (or who used to be in my life) pops into my brain everytime the sermon of forgiveness is preached.  Each time I always believe I have already forgiven this person, and each time all those same feeling come flooding back all over again, and each time I realize I've just really pretended to forgive.

During the last sermon on forgiveness a few weeks ago, a new concept was that I had never heard before.  Forgiveness is not an automatic happening; it is a process, a three step process.  1. Deciding to forgive 2. In the process of forgiving 3. Forgiven.  At least that's the way I remember what was said.  It is comforting to know it doesn't all happen overnight.  I pray each day I can move from that second column and show that all is forgiven. 

On a lighter note, in my absence, the middle drama daughter turned 6 and the oldest drama daughter will turn 10 tomorrow.  It amazes me how two infants have grown up so fast to become such beautiful young ladies.  While they may both be beautiful, they are NOTHING alike in personality.  I am grateful for every moment I've spent with these girls, and I pray that I have many more wonderful moments to come!

By the way...I have to share that I was powned (powerfully owned) by Drama 6 a couple of weeks ago.  Story...she got a new Bible for her birthday as her other one was "too babyish" for her.  As she was looking through and reading certain passages and asking me questions that appeared in her Bible, she came across one I already knew the answer to, or so I thought.  She asked me what kind of fruit Adam and Eve ate in the Garden.  I immediately said an apple.  Even after I had been reading and studying (at the time anyway), I still answered this question wrong.  All of my life, I have been taught it was an apple...stories, drawings, etc; however, Drama 6 looked me straight in the face and said, "Nope.  You're wrong."  How could I be wrong, I knew that story?  She looked up the verse and said, "No.  It just says they ate fruit, but it doesn't tell us what kind."  I took her Bible and read.  I took my Bible and read.  I looked at my online Bible and read.  I changed the translation and read.  Well I'll be John Brown.  She was right!  It helped me realize that no matter how much I believe I know a story from the Bible, I cannot just gloss over the information.  If I'm truly going to study it, I need to take it seriously and studying all of it completely.

Ok...before I pray, I just would like to take the time to say thank you to everyone, mainly Drama husband, for helping me keep pushing towards my weight-loss date I have lost 20lbs.   I think now that I've begin working out every day on top of the better eaing habits it is going to help take the pounds off even faster.  I'll definitely continue to post and pray!

Dear Lord, Thank for you this wonderful day and for allowing me to wake up and be a part of it.  Even in the midst of chaos, I ask you help me continue to remain faithful to you understanding that everything is on your time not mine.  Please help me to remember that even though dieting and exercising has a been a difficult adjustment, it is worth it in the long run to be able to be more energetic and spend more quality time with my family.  Please continue to brings us this beautiful is amazing!  Please keep my family safe as we go out in the world to make this temporary stop in this temporary body a place where everyone knows and accepts you as the One True Creator of All!  In Jesus' name.  Amen.